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Cuteduino Micro Denetleyici Arduino Kartı

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  • Have you ever wanted to use the small tiny Arduino for simple task like just human detection or to welcome a customer in your shop? 
     Now you can consider the CuteDuino. It is designed and produced base on DigiSpark. This is the lowest cost Arduino IDE programmable microcontroller board. No extra programmer or USB to UART chip is needed, just USB cable you are ready to program it with your favorite Arduino IDE :)

    CuteDuino is designed based on ATtiny85, small chip but with a lot of power. ATTiny85 has 8KB of Flash, with the preloaded USB bootloader, around 6K of flash left for user. Comes with 5 I/O pins with PWM and ADC input too. It runs at 16MHz internal oscillator.

    Well, we have modify the DigiSpark with breadboard friendly pin layout, higher current voltage regulator and on board Micro-B USB receptor. Most of Android phone uses Micro-B USB cable so you can utilize it. Of course CuteDuino is Arduino compatible, take it as 5 I/O (2 shared with USB) Arduino main board. There are several tutorials ready for you. not to forget the User's Manual.

    • ATtiny85 on-board, 8K of flash, 512 byte of SRAM, 512 bytes of EEPROM.
    • Internal oscillator runs at 16MHz.
    • USB bootloader so you can program it with the modified version Arduino IDE (from DigiSpark), or
    • With Cytron Arduino 3rd Party Boards URL, you can use the latest Arduino IDE.
    • Micro-B USB jack for power and/or USB uploading, you can put it in a box or tape it up and use any USB cable for when you want to reprogram.
    • Accorcding to DigiSpark, it is supported on All OS (Linux, Mac OS and Windows), yet we can only tested it on Windows.
    • ~6K bytes available for use (~2K taken for the bootloader).
    • On-board 5.0V voltage regulator with 800mA output capability and ultra-low dropout. Up to 15V input, thermal and current-limit protection.
    • Power with either USB or external output (such as a battery).
    • On-board green power LED and red pin #1 LED.
    • Reset button for entering the bootloader or restarting the program. No need to unplug/replug the board every time you want to reset or update!
    • 5 GPIO - 2 shared with the USB interface. The 3 independent IO pins have 1 analog input (ADC) and 2 PWM output as well. The 2 shared (USB) IO pins have 1 more analog inputs and aPWM output.
    • Hardware I2C / SPI capability for breakout & sensor interfacing.
    • Works with many basic Arduino libraries including RainbowBit library.
    • Comes with mounting holes.
    • Super small and Cute of course!
    * Avoid using the shared IO (pin 3 and 4) during program loading as it may affect the USB communication.

    CuteDuino's pinout diagram:
    CuteDuino_Pinout.jpg (32 KB)

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